Reactor Charging

Change isolators are designed to guarantee high levels of operator protection by providing a physical barrier between the operator and the product along with a controlled environment by means of a negatively pressurised chambers with guaranteed indraft velocities for door openings or glove failures.

Product Charging Isolator

  • Negative pressure glove box isolators to allow contained dispensing of product from bags
  • Once-through airflow design under a constant negative pressure with 736 m³/hr exhaust to atmosphere
  • Full stainless steel construction with radius corners, crackand crevice-free
  • G4 filtered inlet and F9 filtered outlet
  • Front hinged product loading door c/w vision panel with oval glove-ports and gauntlets, door fitted with gas-struts
  • Continuous liner and 225 mm diameter waste disposal port
  • Door in- velocity >0.35 m/sec. Glove failure in- >1.0 m/sec
  • Safe area electrical control panel housing extraction controls via shut-off dampers
  • Fluorescent light unit. Glove box internal lighting level >400 Lux

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