How We Work

Striving For Perfection

Every project that we work on is different and requires different services from ourselves. One thing that remains the same is the quality of service that you will receive. We are a small and proactive team that values working closely with our clients. Every project you will deal with a director and the person who is working on your project.

Our process

Here at Concept we use an 8 step process to create bespoke containment systems from scratch. Use the arrows on the gauge to learn more.

Step 1

1. Design

We provide high-quality bespoke dust and solvent containment systems, designed to maintain agreed operator exposure levels, and to provide product integrity. When you need to provide a clean, contained environment for the safe handling of powders or solvents in dispensing, weighing, sampling, or subdivision operations; our booths are a highly effective option.

Step 2

2. Mock-Up

System mock-ups for trials and ergonomic reviews are completed to ensure systems meet with our client’s requirements.

Step 3

3. Manufacture

Manufactured utilising the latest CNC technology along with a highly skilled, in-house sheet metal fabrication facility.

Step 4

4. Pre-Built

Systems are fully pre-built and tested in-house, testing is witnessed by our client before being dismantled and packed ready for shipment to site. Factory acceptance test documentation is completed.

Step 5

5. Installation

Installation is completed to an agreed timescale working against an approved safety and risk assessment method statement. Install qualification documentation is completed to ensure the systems conform to the requirements of the design specification.

Step 6

6. Documentation

All systems are supplied with a complete documentation package in line with FDA requirements. A complete documentation package is issued for review and approval within three weeks of order placement.

Step 7

7. Training

Operator and maintenance training is completed with standard operating procedures in place ensuring all systems maintain the agreed operator exposure levels.

Step 8

8. Maintenance

We are capable of contributing substantially to the required continuity for safely handling your active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs) by means of customisation and the right expertise.

Guarantee As Standard

We guarantee complete compliance with EU standards. Our extensive internal tests are constantly being reaffirmed by external and official assessments. This guarantees the highest safety and containment standards.

The majority of our products are manufactured in-house, but the range is supplemented with high-quality third-party products, offering you a comprehensive solution for practically all your demands. Our consultants have in-depth product knowledge and the same applies to our service technicians, who have been trained at the production facilities. They are totally familiar with “their” product and are proud of it.

Dedicated Engineer

After initial contact with Concept and basic requirements are confirmed the project will be handed to a dedicated project engineer so throughout the contract you will have one point of contact for all arrangements and reviews. The benefit of a dedicated engineer is they will have the project fresh in mind allowing information and designs to flow very efficiently creating a smoothly run project.

The Highest Quality

Our products have to pass strict safety and quality requirements to ensure the highest quality.

Our documents include:

  • Quality plan
  • Qualification
 master plan
  • Design
  • FAT (Factory Acceptance Tests)
  • SAT (Site Acceptance 
  • IQ (Installation qualification)
  • OQ (Operational qualification)
  • Operations and maintenance manuals
  • General arrangement drawing
  • Piping and Instrumentation drawing (PID)
  • Electrical drawings

Our Expert Advice

For our advice we take your individual local situation into account. We guarantee the best advice and support. All our advisers are professionals and engineers. Without further obligation we will provide you with an account of our findings, optionally supplemented by a risk assessment document and improvement advice. We will also supply you with a detailed overview of the required financial investments for the proposed solutions.

For Concept the project does not end after delivery of the products. We will also make sure that the products can be utilised in the correct manner and we will instruct your employees accordingly.

Optionally we can perform regular inspection and maintenance rounds, during which we not only check the condition of the product, but also look at the working routines and procedures. Engineering, design, production, installation and services in one hand.

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