Product Off-Loading

Product off-loading or Pack-off systems are designed to work in conjunction with product inflatable heads (inward or outward inflating).

Inflatable filling heads form a primary barrier seal when off-loading products and create high levels of containment when housed in pack-off laminar flow systems of off-loading isolators.

Horizontal Laminar Flow Filling System

Systems designed to suit the client’s required operator exposure levels and offer primary dust containment when off-loading and packing dry powdered product in the pharmaceutical or chemical industry.

  • Product discharge chute complete with outward inflating membrane seal
  • Continuous liner cartridge
  • Nitrogen purge facility
  • Integrated weighing system
  • Low and high-level filling system extraction
  • Head extract completed with pre-pad dust filter
  • Dedicated pneumatic control panel

Isolator Off-Loading

Here is an example of an off-loading containment system.

The emission point is separated from the user, by which the highest level of protection is achieved. This does not affect the level of freedom of movement and the worker’s productivity.

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